more videos below of previous litters 2017 & 2018

Cute Video

Roxie and Dixie playing 

Cute Video's

Max playing with his babies

Daddy and Black Babies (sold)

These are the black babies available (taken Feb 6, 2018), 2 Girls and 1 boy. I can't tell them apart unless I lift their skirts....LOL. Daddy is the black Tiger Brindle and Lexie (not the mom) my 10 month old girl that loves to play with Puppies....the teenage babysitter....LOL

Tess, Pepper and Tux

Tess is a bit bigger, a little louder, a little more playful, more curious.

Tux is in between the 2 girls. In terms of being mellow, playful, stuff like that.

Pepper is the quieter puppy, She's still playful and cuddly....she seems to be thinking before she reacts.

More video

They are so cute playing with Daddy

And still more videos

They're so cute puppies for sale french bulldog puppies French Bulldog Puppies in Colorado

And more puppies

I love seeing Daddy play with his babies. 

The puppies are a month old now.