Olivka, 5 1/2 years old. Red Fawn she is $750


Olivka needs to retire to a non breeder household

She is super friendly. She gets along with other dogs and children. She has been with me since 2014, when she was 8 weeks old. She weighs in at around 28 lbs. She is house trained.


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I need to find her a fantastic home (I love her very much). She attacks my 2 year old girl. I have tried everything to correct this issue, but nothing works. She ONLY attacks my 2 year old girl because she is also a breeding girl, which I have come to understand is very common. Olivka has had 4 litters in her 5 years of life. She's a great mommy.


Olivka is $750

She sleeps in a kennel. She runs around all day in the house or when we go to the mountains to hike or the park. She has an enclosed back yard and a dog door. she is current in her shots. She is not fixed. She is a great companion. She is AKC. She is in Grand Junction, CO.

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Zeke has been sold


Zeke is AKC

He is a beautiful sweet boy. Very playful. My other boy beats him up and he deserves peace in his life. Zeke sleeps in a kennel at night. During the day he runs around his backyard or the mountains or the park.


Zeke is 38 lbs

Zeke is in Grand Junction, CO. Zeke is not fixed. He loves to play with balls of any kind, tennis balls and he has a favorite rubber ball.  He is house trained.


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When he was 4 months old he broke his right elbow. He has had fantastic corrective surgery. He has no problem with his right elbow, he walks and runs and plays just fine. At night after laying with me on the couch, he gets stiff, and he limps a little. 

Text me with any other questions 970-433-8351